The idea behind our brand is to create community for all the people who might feel and see things differently. Although it is difficult to resist the mass culture that is all around us and fight against the system, I really believe there may be a few of us out there who understand things as they really are. Individualism is not what you see in subcultures or what it is presented to be today; you are not an individual if you have material things other people do not have or if you simply lack empathy; and most of all, you are not an individual if you let false collectivism set up your value system. True individualism is what you have in your heart and your brain and it must be organic, otherwise its fake. Sometimes it's hard to see the world as it is since we have been told from an early age how to interpret things around us, and that learning is mostly built on the beliefs of others. It's the same with our identity. As a kid, whenever I wanted to do something like ''all the others'' just because all the others were doing it, I used to get the same answer every time, ''but you are not like everyone else''. I must say I was really lucky to be raised that way. And at the end of the day, I believe only through individualism each one will achieve perfection. So stay tuned cause some great things will be coming soon.